purePROBIOTIC Skin Renew Essense Mist

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purePROBIOTIC MIST formulated with just probiotics to protects skin's own microbiomes.  Excellent after procedures, peels and everyday use to protect.  Provides for healthier skin and hair.  Should be first step in any skincare regimen.  Excellent post treatment immediately after peels, laser, hair removal.


• Help improve redness such as with Rosacea
• Improves roughness found with Eczema
• Provides for healthier skin, hair, brows and lashes
• Calms Irritated Ski Soothes Sunburn

Directions:  Mist daily onto skin and hair for overall healthier, more shiny hair and hydrated skin, and preserving skin's microbiomes.

Ingredients:  water (aqua) proprietary blend of algae, fungi and bacteria

Size:  4 oz

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