3+ Complex Eye Cream-Moisturizing/Anti-Aging

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Creamy, silky formulation developed torevitalize the appearance of the eye area. Formulated with eyebright extract, Vitamins E, A and Vitamin K. Complex of three vitamins + Eye bright make this formulation one of a kind.

Eyebright is an herbal ingredient that is commonly found in natural skincare treatments for—you guessed it—the eyes... Eyebright contains flavonoids and tannins that have antioxidant benefits and protect skin from premature fine lines and wrinkles. Eyebright can also help decrease appearance of dark circles and inflammation.

Additional ingredients such as almond avocado and sesame seed oils will increase hydration and moisturize, while hyaluronic acid works to maintain moisture in the delicate skin area keeping it moisturized and hydrated.


Apply a small pump and pat around eye area gently and allow to absorb. Recommended to be used twice daily for accelerated results.

Key Ingredients:

Glycolic Acid - Eye Bright: assists in brightening, reduce the appearance of dark circles and protects.

Vitamin A Palmitate: Reduce appearance of fine lines

Vitamin K: Helps reduce appearance of dark circles

Vitamin E: Antioxidant protection

Rosehip Seed Oil: Can be used to lighten your skin tone, thus allows for lessening appearance of under eye darkness.

Chamomile: Soothing to the eye area.

Ingredients: PurifiedWater,AloeVera Gel, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Glyceryl Stearate,Vegetable Glycerin, Hylauronic Acid, Sodium PCA, Dimethicone Copolyol, Rosehip Seed Oil, Evening Primrose (and) Borage Oil,Wheat ProteinAmino Acid (and) Silk Protein Hydrolysate, Soy lsoflavonoids, Extracts of Ginseng, Eyebright, Chamomile, GinkgoBiloba, Japanese Green Tea, Centella asiatica,Tocopherol Acetate (VitaminE), Vitamin A Palmitate,VitaminK, Beta Glucan andGrape Seed Extract.

Size: 15ml

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