D "ZIT" ZAPPER - Spot Treatment

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For those occasional breakouts. Easy-to-use roller ball applicator formulated with natural antibacterial ingredients to SLOW DOWN oil production, increase hydration and stop blemishes before they start.


Apply this roller ball onto area of irritation, and see the blemishes start to diminish almost instantly.  Apply 3-4 times daily to rid blemish within 24 hours


• Spot Treatment

• Reduces Bacteria Count

• Clears Up Blemishes In 24-48 Hours

• Non-Irritating & Non-Drying

Key Ingredients:

4-5% Niacinamide (vitamin b3) - anti-oxidant that also controls bacteria count.

Salicylic Acid - exfoliates.

Wasabi Japonica Root - helps control bacteria count.


Size:  10 ml (glass with roller ball)

MSRP:  16.50